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General Purposes:

- To ensure dissemination and realization of children' s rights and to be known by a larger number of adults and children.

- To educate aware and conscious children's rights defenders, in the field of child rights.

- To create public consciousness at international level, about the problems of children in Turkey and in the world.

- Despite the cultural, social and economic variety of the countries, to bring out the universal aspects of the Convention on the Children's Rights, with a common perspective. 


Special Purposes:

- Ensuring the participation rights for each child by culture and arts, and to socialize and to sustain an individual life in society and to develop the potentialin accordance with his ability. 

- To contribute producing artistic-culturel creations about the issue of child rights; discussing and making it become a current issue in which cities the events primarily take place and in general all over Turkey. 

- To provide "Child Participation", which is one of the milestone of Convention on the Children' s Rights, in international level. 

- To contribute supporting children on areas such as cinematography, art, photography and media, for bringing up new artists on these fields. 

- To contribute cooperation between children and who are working on the issue of child rights; the public institutions, civil society organizations, families, educators, movie makers, universities and academics in Turkey. 



Target Zone, Target Audience: 

Despite the fact that signed international conventions and legal arrangments on children's rights both in Turkey and in the world, many children who are deprived of basic rights are still exists. Children's rights are not sufficiently known and applied by children and adults. 

Even if the children's rights and the right violations faced are revived in various ways; to discuss them in different ways, to bring them to the agenda and dissemination are still needed. With the films take place, the panels and the discussions to be held in the festivale; it' is expected to discuss and bring up the child rights, right violations and solution proposals through media work in all over Turkey. The festival's target audience are; primarily children, then families, educators, child-related public institutions and non-governmental organizations. In the festival, child movies from Turkey and all over the world will be included, and to support the production and participation of children, workshops will be held. Thus, contribition for one of the mile stone of Children' s Rights Agreement of children participation is provided. Also this year, as every year; cooperation with provincial directorates of the ministry of education, participation of secondary school, high school and the equal degree school students will be provided. Festival of children in cinema attendance and production of drawing the public's attention, making it appear that children's views and wishes of children's rights and internalization contribute to the dissemination of the idea aims. The festival intends to contribute child rights ideas dissemination and internalization with drawing public's attention to children's participation and production for cinema, by making children's thoughts and requests visible.

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