Between 2005-2012, children who volunteered in UNICEF with the support of Prof. Dr Talat Halman, the president of  UNICEF Turkey National  Committee, realized that  children rights concept would attract more attention if it was presented visually.


For this purpose, they narrated the establishment and the working principles of Bursa Children Rights Children Committee from a child’s eyes in a short film entitled “Committee 16” .The film was shot in 2010 and it was on show  in “World Children Day” in which 800 children participated. “World Children Day” was organized in the lead of Bursa Governorship and with the support of Bursa Municipality, Nilufer Municipality, Osmangazi Municipality and Yıldırım Municipality.

Children who aim to draw attention to children rights via their films were also supported by Bahçeşehir University Department of Film Studies.  After attending the film workshop arranged by Ass. Prof. Dr. Erkan Büker, children started to shot short films about children rights with their friends who were interested in film studies. 


After realizing that their films were interesting and informative for their peers, children decided to organize a ”Children Rights Film Festival” in Bursa.  With this purpose, they were trained about children participation by the director of New York City University Department of Children Environment Professor Roger Hart.


In 2011, 28 children organized the “1st Bursa International Children’s Rights Film Festival” with the collaboration of Bursa Governorship, local municipalities and many individuals. That year more than 4000 children learned their rights in the festival.


Children and adults who took part in organizing the festival later founded “Children’s Rights Culture and Art Association” with the suggestion of Professor Nezih Orhon, the dean of Communication Department in Anadolu University.


In 2013, the 2nd Bursa International Children’s Rights Film Festival was organized with the cooperation of Bursa Municipality, Nilufer Municipality, Osmangazi Municipality, Yıldırım Municipality Children’s Rights Culture and Art Association and Anadolu University.


6875 children watched films on children’s rights during the festival, and photography, video and drawing workshops were organized for children.


Upon demands from other cities, 940 children in Malatya, Erzincan and Eskişehir were shown 24 films about children’s rights. Also, 2177 individuals participated in a poll on “Consciousness on Children’s Rights”.

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